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Create your first label

How to get your credentials and make the first API call?

Table of steps:

Get your credentials

You should create a new account on Shipink here.

Choose integration method

You should choose your platform. We support:

Select order

You should select the order you want to create label for.


It depends on your integration method.

  • If you are using WooCommerce, you should select the order from the our WooCommerce Plugins order list.
  • If you are using Shipink API, you should select the order from the Shipink APP's order list. But, for these integration methods, you should send any order from API, or you can create new order from our APP.

Choose carrier

You should choose your carrier. We show all your options on your orders page.

On that page, you can see the list of carriers, their services and their rates.

Create label

After choosing your carrier, you should click on the "Create Label" button. You will see the label in the preview. You can print it and send it to your carrier.

That's all! 🥳